EON Card Unionbank 2017

Hello everyone! This experience with EON Card is what I really wanted to share with everybody since the UnionBank Official website don’t have enough information of this. I made a lot of research to make sure that this card do accepts Paypal funds. And yay! All reviews says this is the best card to withdraw your Paypal funds! Also, they said that just by submitting personal information online and waiting for your transaction number, you can definitely go to the branch you’ve selected and claim your card with just the fee of Php300 or Php350.

So, I have Googled: unionbank eon. Filled out all the information needed and wait for my confirmation number.

The next day, I went to the nearest branch (which was 2-3 hours away from home) and tried to claim my card – with my ID and cash ready. Associate from Calamba branch said they ran out of EON cards and they never received anymore new EON cards at all. And just not to waste the money and time I’ve allotted, I tried Paseo de Sta Rosa branch… Unfortunately, they don’t have this card too! AND THE BIG THING IS, the associate made a private conversation with me, telling me that they now have a different EON card. I don’t need to make anymore appointments online because these new cards are available in 7/11. And I was, “huh?!” Then the associate said, “Yes, you can just go to any 7/11 store and ask for EON card starter kit. It’s just Php150 worth and you just need to register it through the EON app – on your own”. ——Too tired to be angry, I just thanked her for being kind and polite and I left the bank and proceeded to 7/11 which was almost 1KM away (I guess???) from the bank. No jeep or trike available because I am inside Paseo’s vicinity. Sad. Tired.

Upon reaching the convenient store, I asked rapidly for the EON card starter kit. But the associate startled and asked again. (In my mind: Niloloko yata ako nung taga banko na yun ah! Letse) Again, I asked for an EON starter kit. I even describe the card, the bank, repeatedly saying ‘UnionBank’ but she was really unaware if they have one. So she asked the other assoc, and she don’t know too! Grrr. They said maybe the other 7/11 do have it and they just don’t. They offered the other 7/11 on the other side, so I went there. I did the same thing, asking for an EON card starter kit and the assoc startled at me. I describe again and again the card, bank so on… Then he asked, “payment po ba?” I said, “hindi po. Card po yung bibilhin ko. debit card.” Then it’s like, a bulb on his head thing and he remembered something! Whew! He opened some kind of a thin cabinet in front of me and handed the card with full of dust. (Guess no one knows this really exist huh?). Bought if for Php150.

Registered thru the app – no hassle. I just used the app for registration then I always use the website – desktop. Luckily, I was able to transfer my funds from Paypal. After 4days the money got posted on my EON card! Yay! So I tried to withdraw…
and it’s not letting me to!!!!!!

Again, I made my research, reading info about this new eon card. I learned that they have this kind of card LEVELING (Don’t mind it. It’s my own term! LEVELING lol). So, I won’t be able to withdraw the funds until I have upgraded my account! Wow just wow!
April 25 2017, I applied for the account upgrade, which you can see once you logged in to your account. Then on April 26, 2017 EONcard customer service sent a lot of email that they will get back to me about the upgrade. Then, finally they said by May 5 2017 my account will be upgraded. On May 8 2017, I still don’t have any updates with the upgrade request! I keep on sending emails and no one is getting in touch.

“….Why would you ask for an upgrade request if you can’t even process it? Why would you sell this card if you can’t let the users withdraw money which we have earned from Paypal, where in fact, you are getting your markets because Paypal can transfer money to your card! If you can’t upgrade the account, just return the money to Paypal and I’m done! If you can upgrade it, then assist us! A lot of people are annoyed and frustrated with this card!” as I made my review to their Facebook page on May 8, 2017 since I can see they have a high response rate and I already lose my patience. (no link that I can share because their FB page disabled the reviews)

After I made the review, someone from EONcard customer service sent an email. I also received a personal message on my Facebook account saying that she will personally check on this and will send an email.

I updated my review on the EON card Facebook page.

May 9, 2017 – As I checked my EON account, account is now on Lite Level. Juskopo! At last! Until today, I am using EON card since they don’t have any additional fees on top of Paypal fee for the fund transfer. I just hope Unionbank will provide more information about their new products!

I hope this helps! Especially, to those beginners with online jobs and Paypal funds. Thank you!


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